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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Red Hook'd: Directions

Alright Magellan, you want some Red Hook Goodness but don't know your way around Bucktown? Never fear, The Porkchop Express is here... with tips.

Via CAR:
Use the magic of the internet and figure it out. 158 Bay St., Brooklyn, NY 11231 is the address. I've never notice parking to be a problem.

Click here for Google Maps link.

Click here for onNYTurf map (with nearby subway lines).

F/G to 9th Street. Get off, then either catch the B77 Bus or walk a few blocks towards the water. Cross under the bridge, then make a left at Clinton. You'll see/smell it in a few.

Via BUS:
B75 down Court Street (from Downtown Brooklyn). Get off at around 9th Street, make a right, cross under the BQE, then make a left on Clinton and walk a few blocks. You can also hop on the B77. It runs down 9th Street, and should drop you right at the fields.

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Blogger Nathan Kensinger said...

I was down in those Red Hook soccer fields last weekend, walking over my way to the BWAC show on Van Brunt and Beard.

Got some photos up in there of Red Hook industry.

Ceviche and papusas for breakfast. Yeah.

1:13 PM  
Blogger carey said...

People (or "Pueblo," in the words of half of my people):

It pains me. Those words comprised the sum total of my last (and first) post, back when J. Slab – who's clearly got his priorities straight – notified us that the Ball Fields opening would be postponed.

Well, I'm going to have to resort to those words once again. It pains me. It pains me because I suspect that there's a gringo premium going on this year. (And I'm half-Puerto Rican, with a command of the mother tongue, so I can back up this claim.)

I mentioned this in the "Comments" section of J. Slab's magisterial May 8th post, but I repeat it here out of concern: concern for my people, concern for all of us.

The truth is, I was too overwhelmed by the sheer joy of the past two weekends of Ball Field Heaven (or "El Paraiso," as I sometimes call it) to bother to definitively verify this admittedly grievous claim. I mean, can you people believe the weather? It was awesome.

But I'm pretty sure non-Spanish speaking Caucasians are paying more than their South-of-the-Border Brethren at some of the stalls for the same "comida."

Not that I actually care. I mean, it's all still a bargain. No, "bargain" is the wrong word. It's a frickin' steal.

Would I take a pass on Carmen Rojas's astonishing meat empanadas (yes, folks, the sun don't rise and set over her ceviche, as grand as it is) if I knew she charged me $3 after Julio in front of me paid $2?

Not on your life.

[My apologies to Senora Rojas: the above was intended as a dramatization, nothing more. Nor do I wish to stain her honor. Or "honor," as they say down Mexico way. In fact, my Puerto Rican grandmother's name is Carmen.]

At any rate, I'm pretty sure the huarache vendors on the Clinton side have been marking the prices up to see what the market will bear. For whitey.

I'm fortunate enough to actually live in Red Hook, about 7 or 8 long shot-put tosses from El Paraiso, so I was there for the Cinco De Mayo grand opening, and on both days last week. And I just couldn't escape the nagging feeling that not only had prices gone up (they clearly had), but that I was occasionally paying more than mi hermanos.

If my taste buds can manage to unchain me for two seconds, I'll try to gather more intelligence tomorrow, weather permitting. In the meantime, did anyone else notice the "sobrecarga gringa?"

7:40 PM  
Blogger redhookfoodvendors said...

Hi Carey,
On behalf of the food vendors committee, I would like to thank you for your continued support and patronage of our affair.
I am truly concerned about your suspicions & statement made about the 'gringo premium' that may allegedly occur in some of the food stands.
I will personally look into this matter & speak to the committe members(owners of the food stands)ASAP in hopes this may be a misunderstanding. If it is not, please rest assured it will be corrected.
The revitalization of Red Hook invetitably has changed the way the vendors do business (in terms of demographics). While its understandable that whith inflation comes higher prices (thus it may help explain why some food prices may have gone up) our common goal -which is to humbly deliver the best ethnic latin cousine experience to our patrons- has remained untouched by the fame or notoriety brought up by the newsmedia as of recently.
We are glad to hear of your continued support despite any bad experience you might have had.
If you have any further comment or concerns (it would help if you can fill me in on who exactly the vendor was) please contact me directly at www.redhookfoodvendors@hotmail.com

Yours truly,

Cesar Fuentes
CEO\Food Vendors Committe of Red Hook Park Inc.

2:58 AM  
Blogger MissGinsu said...

Love your site! (Great iconography.)
Thanks so much for the information. I'm hoping to bike it over there, weather permitting, this weekend.

10:36 AM  

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